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Mon, April 22

Letter: RAID helped my neighborhood

In response to Mr. Kenneth Herskind's letter on July 22, I feel I have to respond.

I invited Residents Against Irresponsible Development to the Tuscany Mall meeting with the citizens of our neighborhood because RAID was able to get a resolution to the problem on the Airway and Castle Rock development.

The builder/developer was informed at the initial submitting of his plans to the city Development Department in 2007 that to change the zoning from C1 to C2 would be a slam dunk. I and my neighbors got involved because there are a whole bunch of things that are allowed in C2 that should not be allowed in a neighborhood like ours. There is a park across the street and a church across the street on the other corner.

We went to the planning and zoning and the City Council meeting and voiced our objections and it was turned down. RAID was not involved to my knowledge.

Several weeks later I received a call from a Mr. Peterson who was with RAID. He asked me if I knew that the city was trying to add a bunch of things to C1 from C2. I told him I had not received a notice.

He informed me the city did not have to. He did send me a list of the changes. I again went to my neighbors to inform them of the meeting and showed them the list.

Again we attended the Planning and Zoning meeting, and they recommended a no vote. I then wrote a letter to Mr. Jeppson, head of the City Development Department asking, could the neighbors and the builder get together and work this out? I never got an answer.

When it was brought up to the City Council, all the owners of C1 property had been informed one man came up from Phoenix who owned C1 property here to speak in favor of the new plan. None of the citizens who live near C1 property were informed. Our ex-mayor said at the time he did not approve of R1 and C1 being turned into C2. If they want C2 property, buy C2 property; it cost a lot more.

A year later the owner/developer contacted me. We set up the meeting and the result is we have an agreement.

If not for RAID our neighborhood would probably be in bad shape. Thank you RAID for your help.

I hope anyone who finds themselves in a like situation will be able to call on RAID for their help. They are not against progress or development, but will be there if the rules are not being followed.

That seems to be the case for those who are against RAID. They're not able to get by with things like they used to.

V.L. Chris Christianson



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