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Tue, March 26

Cactuflage is the in thing
Local sportsman introduces �The best camo you�ve never seen�

Ken �Tiger� Thompson, left, and Jon Yokely show some of the new Cactuflage camo that Thompson is marketing.

Courtesy<br><br> Ken �Tiger� Thompson, left, and Jon Yokely show some of the new Cactuflage camo that Thompson is marketing.

Kenneth "Tiger" Thompson is a name that many longtime Kingman residents will recognize.

Tiger was born in Kingman in 1960 and graduated from Kingman High School in 1979. An athlete and avid sportsman who lives to hunt and fish, Tiger is now out to make his mark in the camouflage world.

Thompson's desire to be the owner of a unique line of camo clothing started in 1998 when he visited a small archery shop in Phoenix.

"I saw this line of camo in the shop called Cactuflage and I bought some. I knew right away that it was special and had a very unique pattern."

In 2001 when Thompson tried to find more of the product, he learned that for all intents and purposes, the line was off the market and the company had basically went out of business.

He did some research and after contacting the original owners decided that he would purchase the company's remaining inventory, copyrights and even the patent.

It all came together in 2007 when he formed a company called Sportsman's Concepts. The main purpose of the company was the manufacture and distribution of the line of Cactuflage clothing and their snappy logo: The best camo you've never seen.

That's when Thompson found out what was going on in the "real" world of camouflage manufacturing.

"Almost all of the camo you see today is being made overseas, mainly in China and Indonesia," Thompson said. "Only 5 percent is manufactured in America."

Thompson said that he started searching for suppliers and producers of the fabric in America so that all of his garments would proudly have the "Made in USA" sticker on them.

He feels the products made in America are a better quality, and even though they're a little more expensive, in the long run they are a better value for today's sportsmen.

It took some time, but now Thompson has found his suppliers and new items of clothing are available online at or by ordering toll free at (877) 805-7773.

The camo can be purchased at Stu Bowman's local archery shop in Kingman, Desert Archery.

Thompson said that his camo line is made out of the highest quality cotton and the pattern is a unique combination of prickly pear, yucca and mesquite that works extremely well in the Southwestern desert areas. But they are not just for the archer or hunter who hunts in the low desert.

The pattern is also surprisingly effective in the juniper and pine tree forests of the Southwest, too. "It is amazing on how this camo blends in, no matter where you are hunting," Thompson said.

Local sportsmen will immediately recognize the name of Jon Yokely, a local bowhunter who has taken over 70 big-game animals with his bow.

Yokely proudly wears Cactuflage on all his hunts, no matter where he goes and has given his personal stamp of approval to the unique pattern.

Thompson has found a winner with Yokely, who is not only a very successful hunter but is a heck of a nice guy as well.

Yokely is a great ambassador for the sport of hunting, and many of his friends are already asking him about the new camo he is wearing.


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