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Sun, May 19

Column: Life isn't about besting the rest

Not sure how this will go, but I feel compelled to write this to all of the people of the world. I feel saddened, hurt, angry, anxious and just downright miserable about where we all are today.

Why is there so much discord within everyone? Where is the compassion, the understanding and love for one another and you, your own self, as a person? How did we all get here? Mankind has set itself on top of the evolutionary chain, and yet here we are, fighting over whose God is better, whose country is better and who individually is better.

What is the use of all of this technology when it will be the death of us all because of our own ignorance? We are killing our earth as well as ourselves, not to mention all of the creatures that inhabit this earth with us. It's time for people to band together, forgive each other for being human and figure out how to extend that helping hand.

Why is faith or religion something to fight over? Yet year after year, decade after decade, since the beginning of time, people lose theirs lives in the name of their God. Does it really matter what name we call the creator? Does it really matter how it all came about, or how we believe it came about? Who can really say they are so sure their way is right and therefore they have the right to impose their beliefs on someone else? Why can't we all agree to disagree?

I am Wiccan, and I am proud of my faith, but I do not believe I have the right to choose your faith, nor will I judge any one of you for yours. Everyone needs faith in something. It is what keeps people going, believing, hoping and inspiring dreams. There are still the core messages within different faiths such as; "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," or "Do what you will, in it harm none." The message is the same, it's just a difference in wording, so why fight over it? In the United States, we pride ourselves for being so open-minded and for helping others. We have done some pretty terrific things, but we have also done some pretty horrific things, as well.

I am disabled and live off of Social Security. My very livelihood depends on that little check I receive once a month, and I still have one child left at home to care for. So what is our country doing for people like me? Well, we are told that we don't qualify for services because we have an income. Even churches are refusing to help people. Did you know that just in Kingman, the only food I can get for myself and my child is fruits and vegetables that are old and almost spoiled, canned items and, believe it or not, candy? There is only one church that will help you with meats, and then the package consists of almost all pork; that's really good for the heart disease, is it not? But in the end, at least they are trying to help people. Something has to change.

I am a true believer in karma - what you give out you will get back. Just imagine the good karma you could have if you gave more often.

I am on the downward slope of life, so to speak, but I still try to find joy in each and every breath that I take; I try to not take anything for granted in this life. It is the simple acts that refresh us at the end of the day, not besting someone else, or being "better" than someone else. The truth is, we are all the same, no matter what our color, religious beliefs, our economic status or even where we live. We are still just human beings.

I love all mankind and respect all forms of life. Please join me in spreading that message.


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