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12:27 PM Sat, Nov. 17th

Mr. Cave must understand RAID now

A few months ago, just after the November elections, a less than complimentary letter from Jim Cave, his brother and Joe Bibbich was printed where they attacked Residents Against Irresponsible Development and asked if RAID's time had past.

Now, we read of Commissioner Cave's resignation over his dispute with Planning and Zoning staff and one has to wonder if ex-Commissioner Cave now understands why RAID has been so vocal in questioning some of the practices of those in City Hall and its environs. If then Commissioner Cave was finding it difficult, if not impossible, to get his objections heard regarding his troubles with vagrants in and around his business, how in the world can Mr. and Mrs. Average Citizen ever expect to get justice when they voice their complaints?

The answer is obvious, and the hope is that the incoming members of the City Council, along with most of the remaining Council members, will dispel this air of arrogance around City Hall and its environs. It must have been somewhat uncomfortable for Mr. Cave to find himself on the same side as RAID in the recent C-1 zoning expansion argument, but we thank him for his support and wish him well with his fight to rid his area of undesirables.

It is unfortunate that Cave was forced to resign in order to be heard, but this only enforces RAID's argument that up to now, the little guy and gal are often disrespected and intimidated when they approach the administration for redress of their problems with the system.

If the new City Council wants to regain the confidence of its electorate, problems like Mr. Cave's must be one of the first orders of business and remove those who do not wish to make Kingman user-friendly.

Mike Bihuniak