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Fri, May 24

How we can fix Stockton Hill traffic

I'd like to revisit the traffic nightmare known as Stockton Hill Road. What appalls me is the enormous amount of money spent on harebrained ideas. Take the islands installed that prevent the driver from making left-hand turns where he/she needs to make. The islands were to reduce accidents. All the years of my daily driving on that street is witness still, to a high accident rate. Look at the KRMC area, the Stockton Hill and Airway intersection and the Stockton Hill and Gordon intersection.

Another boondoggle is the various "studies" and traffic light synchronization programs, proposed by most running for office - all rubbish. Has the traffic department ever heard of the "trailing left turn arrow"? They have them in Tucson.

How many times have drivers in left turn lanes, here in Kingman, sat behind a car that refuses to proceed after the green arrow has gone off? They sit even through another red light-green light cycle before that car makes the turn on the green arrow. A trailing left turn arrow works like this: In your direction of travel you are proceeding on a green light. The left turn lane has a red arrow. The green light now turns red and the left turn lane gets a green arrow. Pretty simple, huh?

Steve Thoemmes



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