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Thu, April 25

Letter: Sonic street drags made me sick

I went to the Sonic on Andy Devine Saturday night after all the cars had gathered from the Fun Run. As expected, there was an unbelievable amount of cars. So many, in fact, they were triple and quadruple parked in every spot available. In all my years of going to Sonic on a Saturday night I have ever seen such a great crowd. Everyone seemed to be having a really good time. But it didn't take long to notice a very disturbing action going on. In fact disturbing is not a strong enough word for how it really makes me feel.

There was a burn out contest being held in the parking lot. From what I gathered, it's the same as they allowed last year. I say "allowed" because I don't think this is intentional on Sonic's part, they just don't seem to mind or do anything to discourage or stop it.

They were burning out right in the middle of this parking lot that is so full they are parked three and four deep in every spot available. And did I mention the children, 2- and 3-year-old kids that are just old enough mom and dad don't have to carry them, they can run around on their own.

And some drivers were doing burn outs in this very same parking lot. Are you starting to get the picture?

I have never in my life had such a sick feeling in my stomach for something I love so much. Hell, you put me in my drag car and you have to restrain me from doing too much burn out. In fact, I find every excuse so I can to do a longer one every time. But should I ever consider doing what I saw on Saturday night I hope someone beats some sense into me first.

Let me say that there were no other casualties other then the three motors I saw broken in the short time I was there. Let's all thank God for that, because it surely wasn't because cooler heads prevailed and the unbelievable activity stopped. No, it was still raging hot and heavy as my wife and I left before I felt the need to call for assistance to stop those I would call my brethren.

The risks that were taken Saturday night are incalculable, and should there have been an accident I don't think we could ever have recovered from it. What would the public think of drag racing? That is how everyone would have seen it ... as a drag racing accident.

I can promise you I saw no one from Route 66 Wings & Wheels even remotely involved, but do you think the public would have seen it that way? We can't afford to take that chance. I am sorry to say I am ashamed of the behavior on Saturday night. It's not that I don't understand it, nor is it that I wouldn't want to do the same, it's just that there is a place and a time for everything, and that wasn't it.

I hope we get half the participants in the burn out contest at Napa Racing Kingman Street Drags V. That's the right place and the right time, and all of the proper safety equipment will be in place. Not like at Sonic. I hope that maybe we dodged a bullet and smarter people will not let such things happen again.

Do you think that all the people who have been killed illegal street racing ever thought anything was going to go wrong? No, but it did and they died. I guess I just thought we were all smarter then them.

Brian Devincenzi



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