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Wed, Jan. 29

Letter: Is Thomas Sowell senile?

In nearly every column, Thomas Sowell begins by writing about one subject and, within a paragraph or two, conflating that with the current neocon talking points.

A recent column was an example: He began by extolling the virtues of Korean girls studying for 15 hours a day to enable them to qualify for entrance to an Ivy League university. He then followed with examples of people he knew 50 years ago who refused to accept the "charity" of a new pair of shoes or a free meal.

He conflates this into nasty, left wing "libruls" like Barack Obama who are just waiting to turn us all into slovenly charity cases who have nothing better to do than sit around all day and figure out ways to pick Mr. Sowell's and his benefactor's pockets.

Relax Tom, we already have that group in control and they are your guys. They have systematically looted our treasury, increased the size of the bureaucracy, intruded on our daily lives and increased corporate welfare to new highs.

But wait, it's all OK because Mr. Sowell and his gang all got big tax breaks, so that makes it free enterprise or capitalism or some such drivel.

And by the way, Tom, your heroes managed to do all this while ruining the reputation and currency of the greatest country in the world and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the name of freedom, liberty and self-reliance.

Mr. Sowell should write about what he knows best, the failed ideas of his neocon past. We used to have an entire population that was self-reliant. They were self-reliant because they had hope - hope in knowing that if they worked hard and sacrificed, then someday they could attain the American Dream.

For many, that hope was taken and spent on weapons and other forms of corporate welfare and destruction. We are being asked to finance our own destruction and applaud its architects as they bring down our economy and our government.

The solution? Self-reliance. Study the issues. Educate ourselves as to what is really going on.

And vote!

Dan O'Connell


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