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Fri, Jan. 24

Letter: Miner should print only my side

This letter is to the editor who thought Rick Horowitz's column should be used on the opinion pages of the Oct. 9 Miner.

Now, I will agree that Horowitz has his right to say this B.S., but you don't have to print what is obviously an attempt to say that Sarah Palin doesn't have the right to say what she believes to be the very truth of the fact that a lot of American people should know more about Obama.

On the second point, whether the leftist opinion writer likes it or not, it wasn't his choice to decide who McCain and the Republicans picked as their VP candidate.

Since the Republicans did pick Sarah Palin as their VP, one of her primary duties is to point out the other party's flaws and differences. At least she's doing her job, which is more then I can say about the mainstream press of late. Barack Obama has been running for president for 20 months now. How come I haven't heard one thing about his actual record, including back when he was in state government, compared to what he promised.

For example, has his voting record ever once actually been in line with his campaign promises? One of his main campaign promises when he ran for the Senate was a middle class tax cut. His voting record is just the opposite. I point that one out in particular, since it's one of the same campaign promises he's using now. How come the mainstream media doesn't report it? To me, it's so obvious, because the same mainstream media doesn't want the people to know.

Since the Kingman Daily Miner is the only local paper that we get here, it's even more an issue, implying back to Mr. Rick Horowitz that you agree with him by putting this garbage in your paper. Do I misunderstand the purpose of the paper is to actually give news, or to give a biased opinion about the things that really affect Americans of all walks of life? By the way, I took only 15 minutes on the Net to find out more about Obama's voting record on other promises he's made during his short political career. What I learned turned my stomach. How can anyone believe this man and his promises? No wonder they don't want you to give a damn about his voting record - it tells a real truth about him.

His past is despicable.

Reformer? Give me a break. All you have to do to decide whether he's a reformer is look which side in Chicago politics he was on when he started his career.

Yes, he ran when there was a reform government push in Chicago - on the wrong side of it - and this is the guy the media trusts to reform our government?

Based on what I read, we should actually look at Obama's words to mean just the opposite of what he says. I'm glad there is a Sarah Palin out there, because obviously, our media sources sure aren't gonna tell us. Get him, Palin.

Gerald Castillo


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