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Mon, Feb. 24

Letter: Barack smearing is upsetting

Recently, I received an e-mail stating that Barack Obama was sworn into the Senate on a Koran and that he is a Muslim bordering on the extreme who refuses to pledge allegiance to the flag. The e-mail was unsigned.

This week, I turn on the TV only to find Sarah Palin touting the same nonsense. Palin apparently received the same e-mail - either that or she's taking notes from Bill O'Reilly, the middle-class equivalent to Jerry Springer.

The thought that even a fraction of the American public finds any journalistic integrity in the likes of Bill O'Reilly, Hannity and Colmes and other such political talk show hosts is frightening.

Equally foreboding is the fact that I'm receiving daily e-mails that are 100 percent smear - and that they're coming from my friends and family, people who normally exhibit marks of intelligence.

This leads me to believe that partisanship, in the minds of many, takes precedence over common sense as people repeatedly fail to research the candidate's personal and political histories.

Being a registered independent, I was undecided and had yet to form any political opinion regarding this year's presidential nominees - until, that is, Palin stepped into the picture.

One has to question John McCain's motive in making his first official act as the Republican nominee for the United States presidency one of blatant disregard for the concern and safety of the United States.

In choosing Sarah Palin (someone McCain had only met once) as the potential occupant of the second-most important political seat in the world, McCain lost his right to my vote.

After further research, my distaste for the McCain/Palin ticket solidified. The lies are simply too much to bear. What they're trying to do is paint their opponent as a Muslim with terrorist ties, which is simply ridiculous. They figure that if their lies can just hold out for another 20 or 30 days, they'll be okay. This ideology is insulting.

My plea is that voters please do their research before they vote. The position and power that the president of the United States holds is not one to take lightly. America cannot withstand another eight years of bad policy.

Erin Clark


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