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Sat, March 23

Letter: Obama, Bush are one and the same

I must write to thank Liam Rooney and Lori Gabriel-Dane for there insightful letters in last Wednesday's Miner. Mr. Rooney and Ms. Dane have made my point far better then I could.

When Gorge W. Bush was making government bigger and spending money like it was water, Mr. Rooney wrote many letters about the incompetence and the foolish waste of money in that administration.

But now that the Obama administration picks up that same ball and runs with it, so fast, making Bush look like a fiscal conservative, well Obama is an intelligent and competent man.

Then there is Ms. Dane, who is upset because ASU is not giving Obama an honorary degree, because his accomplishments aren't established yet. Well, they are not!

She notes that he should get this degree just because he became president, and then she went on a dialogue of so many compliments, I think she missed him walking on water.

Then she finished up by blaming Republicans, how typical. It seems to me all it takes to become president nowadays is to spend the most money. Obama did that, just like Bush and Clinton before him. Oh yeah, global warming is a lie.

Mr. Rooney and Ms. Dane are prime examples of folks who can't or won't see that there are good and bad on both sides. These people don't help our country, they don't help our republic. They do, however, help the lying, cheating spend-happy politicians in Washington that thrive on the division of We the People.

With We the People divided, politicians on both sides gain even more power over our lives, our money and our freedom.

We the People must come together and take our country back, and return to the Constitution.

But I guess some folks will never understand that.

Donald Stultz



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