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Fri, Jan. 17

Letter: Some of us need health-care reform

Recently, I have been seeing disturbing pictures of people trying to stop health-care reform. Are they so happy with the health insurance companies making huge profits or are they already on a government health program like Medicare, Medicaid or VA that they do not need health-care reform.

I just had a fifth surgery on my spine. I was involved in a car accident in which a drunken driver was responsible. Unfortunately at the time, there was no uninsured motorist insurance. MRI technology was a few years away and cars were not what they are now. So years later, here I am, disabled and nine years away from Medicare.

This last month, my insurance premium jumped to more than $650 a month with no end in sight. My husband is on Medicare/VA, but I am in the private insurance market and I can't shop around because of pre-existing conditions. So I am stuck and we are on a fixed income. I don't know how much longer I can keep up with the premiums.

Remember, there are real people out here in dire need of health-care reform, and the longer we delay, more people, like myself, will lose their coverage, more businesses will close their doors and rising costs will continue to explode our pocketbooks and our deficit.

Please help President Obama pass health care reform. EVERYBODY IN, NOBODY OUT!

Lynette Russo,


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