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12:40 PM Tue, Nov. 20th

Letter: Thanks to two couples

I just want to say thank you to the two sets of strangers who stopped to help my family on Aug. 6. My boyfriend, my 8-month old daughter and I were traveling into Kingman from Golden Valley on Thursday when our tire blew out going over the hill. Just after it happened, a nice couple pulled over to check on us, and at the time, we did not think we needed help, so we let them be on their way.

Shortly after they left, we realized we were in somewhat of a pickle because we couldn't get the other tire off. This whole time, tons of other cars just flew past us, doing 90 in a 65-zone I might add, and could not be bothered to stop.

Finally, we decided to start walking to town because standing on the side of that highway with my baby was making me quite nervous, especially with the way people drive coming down that hill. Just as we were no more than 500 feet from our car, another couple pulled over and picked us up.

They took the time out of their day, and gave us a ride clear over to Butler to my best friend's father's house, where I knew we could get help for the car. These people were awesome, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

To everyone else who just blew right past us, let me just say that I pray to God that you or your family never have anything happen to where you might need the help of a stranger. The help you need just might go zipping right on past you.

Once again, thank you to the two couples who did stop. I am forever in your debt. Thank you,

Denise Cochell

Golden Valley