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Sun, Jan. 26

Letter: Don't make me use terminal hold!

We all like to think that we are civilized, have manners and morals. I think, for the most part, we are, except when we are on the phone. This is not a cell phone rant, this is a common sense, or lack there of, rant.

I work at a local business in Kingman. In any given day, we receive about 300 calls. Eighty percent of those calls are routine, 20 percent of the calls are from people that lack common sense. Since so many of us can't seem to understand telephone manners, I'll spell them out here.

When calling a business, or another person, be prepared for them to answer (that's what you'd expect when you call someone, right?).

Don't: Yell at your kids to shut up, make us wait for you to finish your private conversation with your spouse (we really don't want to hear those kinds of details), ask us for a phone number and then tell us to wait while you find a pen and paper (duh!), let Fido sit on your lap barking his head off so that you have to yell into the phone so we can hear you (it won't kill the dog to put him on the ground), put us on hold when you are the one who called us (if you do that, you just might get put on terminal hold yourself), and finally, cut us off mid-greeting. Let us finish (did I mention that we like terminal hold?).

We understand that wrong numbers happen, we all do it. But, when you do dial the wrong number and someone answers, do not just hang up on them! That is really rude and shows lack of consideration. A lot of businesses answer the phones with a greeting. When you hang up on the person speaking, it's like telling them that they don't matter. When you do connect on a wrong number, say "I'm sorry, I misdialed." Or even "Oops, my bad." Say anything. Just please, don't hang up!

When you call us mad about something, please be nice to the person answering the phone. I didn't do anything to you, so I really don't want to be yelled at for it. I am only the person that connects you to the person that you need to speak to. If you are irate and irrational with me, I will try to understand, but I will not take your abuse. If you call me names, I will hang up on you (or put you on terminal hold).

In closing, remember to have manners and common sense when calling any business or anyone for that matter. If you don't, I may be forced to assert my power over you by putting you on terminal hold (I really like that game, so don't tempt me).

This has been a public service announcement from a common sense person who answers phone calls!

Rebecca Steinberger,


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