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Sun, March 24

Letter: Public needs to see abortion stats

Since Roe v. Wade was passed 35 years ago, 42 million innocent souls have been taken. This is an issue that isn't discussed by nice people. We must rationalize that these people were either rape victims or developed life-threatening medical complications during pregnancy. The number of abortions performed in the U.S. isn't freely publicized and is rarely reported on the news. Obviously, we've got some hypocrisy going on. It's okay that abortion is legal, but let's sweep the statistics under the rug so we can still pretend that we're great humanitarians to the rest of the world. Congress hasn't helped enough either. One law is on the books that makes an ultrasound mandatory and provides counseling for the mother. The other law, specifically for late-term abortions, makes it mandatory that anesthesia be given directly to the unborn.

Wouldn't it help reduce the number of abortions if posters containing the statistics were posted at all doctors' offices, exam rooms, hospitals and clinics along with brochures explaining STDS and available contraception methods? It seems like all we do is wait in those places and end up reading everything that's there. It would also give young people an opportunity to ask questions of their doctor. Maybe some parents only cover the dangers of STDS and forget the dire consequences of abortion when discussing safe sex with their sons and daughters. Adults could benefit from some straight answers too. If the issue and the statistics aren't in the public's face frequently, how can we possibly hope to reduce the numbers? American can do better, but we have to be informed.

Alice M. Darling,



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