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Fri, Dec. 06

Letter: Tone of comments is deplorable

Each day I read the Kingman Daily Miner online to get the latest community news, the passing of friends in the obituaries and the opinion page. Lately though, since this last election, I have noticed an increase in very nasty, mean replies to the politically based letters to the editor.

I am almost afraid to post my opinion here because no doubt I too will receive very hateful comments and responses. People want to express their opinions when they write a letter to the editor. Now whether or not you agree or disagree with the letter writer surely doesn't warrant some of the horrible responses from all opposing political views, especially if you are responding emotionally and not factually.

I don't want everyone to always agree with me, but if I am firmly rooted in my beliefs and opinions, no matter what you say or write to try to persuade me over to your point of view just won't work, especially if you are mean and nasty about it.

I know we get our dander up, our nostrils begin to flare and our blood pressure begins to percolate when we read something someone has written about our government that we don't like. We want to fire off the meanest response because we think it's going to make them change their minds. That chip on our shoulder just became a great big old log and we are going to make sure whoever wrote that letter or responded to that letter knows we are smarter than they are by responding with something hateful.

Just remember to be a little more considerate to the person who is just trying to express their opinion. They just might be the kind lady who helped you with your shopping cart at Smith's, or the guy who just opened the door for you at the post office, or maybe the person who let you go first at the four-way intersection. We can have our differences in opinion, but we don't have to pass along that chip on our shoulder to someone who just may have been kind to us by hiding behind a no-name response to our letter to the editor.

We are good people here in Kingman, we do look out for our neighbors and we do respect that we might have differences in our opinions and political beliefs. So rather than blast the letter writer for their personal opinions and what they believe in and slamming off a nasty response to someone who has responded to a letter to the editor, write your own letter to the editor expressing your own opinion. If you believe so strongly in something, then by all means write to the editor and proudly sign your name to it. In that way you pro-actively own up to your own opinion instead of re-actively hide behind a "No Name Provided" response.

Vicky Hansen


Editor's note: We at the Miner agree, Vicky, and we are no longer going to allow comments at that attack the letter writer instead of what the person writes about. Debate is a wonderful thing, but many would rather name call and generally bad-mouth those opposed to their beliefs. While we will fight against censorship of any form, standards must be maintained so that everyone who visits has a worthwhile experience, not one that makes them ashamed and uneasy. We've always had that policy, but now we are going to aggressively enforce it. Thank you for your letter - Ed.

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