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Mon, Oct. 14

Letter: Now is the time to come together
Now is the time to come together

To the gentle person who felt the need to mourn for America on election night by lowering his flag to half-mast, I say to you that I am an American, one who has served his country, started a successful business, raised a family, and in short, lived the American Dream. I respect the Constitution of our great country and will defend it to my death. Which brings me to why I am writing this letter.

Fellow citizens, this great country of ours once again needs our help. We must put aside our differences and realize that whatever religion, race or creed, we are all in this together.

To suggest that homosexuality will run rampant now that Obama is president is evidence that the brainwashing by the party previously in power has been most effective.

Where were you when Republican Congressman Mark Foley resigned his senate seat because he was caught flirting with male pages, or Sen. Larry Craig who was arrested in St. Paul for trying to solicit sex with a male undercover officer.

Americans, the party previously in power has successfully divided our nation for eight years, while the Wall Street bankers and corporate lobbyists and free traders have destroyed our economy and shipped most of our manufacturing jobs overseas.

George W. started early with his diversionary tactics by bringing attention to Saddam Hussein so we would not pay attention to Osama Bin Laden. He filled many Americans with fear so he could get away with warrant-less spying.

He used the fear of terrorism to push the U.S. toward policy actions that jeopardize our moral standing in the world. He suspended habeas corpus! Such things were never dreamed of even during the fierce attacks of World War II. In my mind, only regimes like the Nazis or the Communists disregarded basic rights of humanity such as the Geneva Convention.

Not at all Christian behavior. All of this by a man who said he saw Putin's soul when he looked in his eyes. Beware of politicians wearing religion on their sleeve.

You sir may consider yielding your rights and freedoms for security, but I will never give up one sentence in our Constitution, for any reason, ever. There is still bravery in some men.

Back on the home front - when we realized we sent our children off to a war zone without bulletproof vests or fully armored hummers, we parents actually sent vests to our own children! We had to because of the incompetence at the highest levels of government.

The tactic of divide and conquer has been around for a long time. I get really concerned for our future when I read letters that are an embarrassment to American patriots.

Some of our citizens seem to be asleep at the wheel. It's time to snap out of it. Stop allowing the politicians to divide us with issues like abortion and gay rights. These things are so simple, you see, sir, this is the United States of America, the one with the 1st Amendment, and if I wanted to be gay, I have a right to, and hence if my daughter wants to abort a pregnancy, it is none of your concern; it is between her and God. As a matter of fact, if you did intend on supporting such laws you would be depriving my daughter of her right to "life and liberty." Most of all, sir, I would take exception if you and your friends tried to inject more religion into our government. This is a nation of all religions, so which one should we endorse? The correct answer is none.

Frank Puglia, Kingman

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