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Fri, Jan. 17

Column: More is always better than less ... and a whole lot funnier

The votes are in. The results have been tallied. Miner readers overwhelmingly chose Chuckle Bros. as their favorite comic strip ... NOT!

Actually, one strip won in a landslide. It wasn't even close. Two readers told us they would cancel their subscriptions if State of the Union was chosen. I sure hope they were kidding, because State garnered the most votes by far. I'm starting to think that most of our readers are conservative.

State of the Union will stay on the Opinion page (it does balance out the other cartoon), but that still left a hole on the Amusements page. If you read the front page before coming to this column, you know that Stone Soup was also chosen by a majority of responders, so, beginning today, it will fill that hole.

But then I got clever. Or stupid. I started moving stuff around, and before I knew it, I had created another hole, just big enough to house readers' third favorite comic, Non Sequitur. It makes sense. State, Stone and Sequitur (sounds like a law firm) each collected more votes than all the others combined.

So, in the end, I was looking to add one comic and instead added three. But, you know, why not? We don't get extras anywhere else nowadays, unless you count the extra debt this nation is piling up; but, of course, that's mostly going to our kids (and our kids' kids, and those kids' kids, and so on, and so on ...). Oh, no! I think I might be turning conservative. Damn that State of the Union!

Well, everything was set, good to go, until I remembered that Hanging On, the comic strip penned by Miner photographer JC Amberlyn, has a limited run, mainly because I pay her to shoot pictures, still and video, not draw comics. She hopes to tag on a few strips after the last one (all have run on the Nature page previously), but there can't be more than a few months' worth still to go.

Shoot. I'll have to add another one when Hanging On lets go. Back to the votes. In a close race, The Barn won out over Argyle Sweater and Momma for fourth place, so The Barn will also find a home on Amusements, albeit in May or June.

Unfortunately, that's all the room available on the page or I'd add all the comics readers chose (except Cathy ... C'mon, Cathy? Really?). I have no control over the Sunday comics, but I've heard some rumblings. I don't know if I could live without Frank and Ernest's bad puns once a week. I guess I would find some way to muster through.

By the way, Chuckle Bros. garnered the least amount of votes, so my sympathies to the 13 folks who chose it. It can be viewed online at Creators Syndicate, if that helps.

Thank you to everyone who voted, especially the ones who either took the time to drop their choices off at the Miner office or those who used the socialistic postal system.

There I go again. What's happening to me? That State of the Union is warping my mind. And now it's here to stay. This isn't good. At this rate, it won't be long before a Thomas Sowell column actually makes sense to me. The horror!

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