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12:02 PM Fri, Feb. 22nd

Letter: Be careful who you vote for

I normally read the Opinion page and enjoy the cartoons, but the Nov. 10 issue really disturbed me as I read (and re-read) the letter from Heidi Cochran entitled, "We deserve socialized care."

Very obviously, this lady has never lived in a country that has this service. If she wants to pay 50 cents of every $1, wait for non-emergency service for over several months, be over 65 and need special medications, and I could go on.

I left Canada just as this service was starting in the medical system. It went from bad to worse, but I suggest that anyone who really wants this type of service move north of the border and hope that you are in very good health before you go. Many of the doctors are starting their own private practice so that they may improve their care and still make a living.

Our problem is not in the medical field but with the insurance companies. When Medicare was first on the line in 1964 and then to the public in 1965, it was great. But abuses started and the monthly rate started up and has been going up every year - and there is one of the hardships. Don't listen to the rumors; get the facts. Call Medicare or your local social services and then write your local political representative.

Yes, the government tries to run too many things and an example was the Mustang Ranch in Northern Nevada, which they closed and later, under government auspices, opened. It went broke!

Just be careful who you vote for.

S. Elizabeth Dawson