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Fri, April 26

Stabbed dogs on the mend
Owners can’t find a reason for brutal attack

Top: Lucy; Bottom: Chopper

Top: Lucy; Bottom: Chopper

KINGMAN - Two dogs continue to recover from their injuries after they were stabbed in their yard last week.

One of the dogs was cut so severely her nose was nearly severed from her face.

Police still don't have a suspect in the seemingly random attack that took place the evening of Sept. 30 at a home on Tanner Street. The two dogs were in their backyard when they were stabbed. A third dog, a dachshund, was not injured. No one was home at the time the dogs were stabbed.

One of the dogs' owners, Adam Dahling, said he and his roommate thought at first that the dogs' injuries were from fighting, which he said would have been unusual behavior to begin with. It wasn't until the dogs were taken to the veterinarian that it was learned they had been stabbed.

Chopper, a 3-year-old English bulldog, received 80 stitches; Dahling's dog, a 2-½-year-old Labrador mix named Lucy, received 60 stitches. Both dogs were stabbed repeatedly in the face.

The dogs were stabbed through a side fence gate. The gate is the only access point to the backyard, which is otherwise surrounded by a concrete block fence.

The dogs were attacked with such force that the knife used to stab them left nicks in the metal gate. The dogs had to be grabbed and lifted over a mesh covering at the bottom fence, meaning that the suspect had to reach in and lift the dogs about 3 to 4 feet to stab them.

Dahling said both the dogs are good-natured and show aggression only to strangers. He and his roommate were unaware of any complaints from neighbors about the dogs barking. The attack appears to be random.

"I don't know how anyone in their right mind could do this," Dahling said.

Dahling said there had been several problems in the neighborhood recently, including some break-ins and thefts. Dahling's home is several doors down from where the Anderson murder-suicide took place in August.

"Some of the neighbors keep an eye out but no one can watch each other's houses all day long," Dahling said.

Lucy's vet bills have so far totaled more than $1,300; Chopper's vet bills are about $1,200.

Dahling said he and his roommate have already paid for the bills but added, "We'll be eating Top Ramen for a while."


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