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Mon, July 22

Letter: Obama will go down in history

Who did elect Obama president? More "white" people voted for Barack Obama than for Sen. Kerry or Vice President Al Gore when they each ran for that office in recent elections.

The term "racism" is used as an excuse, replacement, cover-up and to divert the true agenda of Obama's presidency which encompasses socialistic, secular progressive, extreme left-winged programs, all to the detriment of Americans, black and white. Obama looks to his Cabinet and so-called czars to help him implement the "whole" agenda, step by step, act by act, toward the massive plan of fulfillment of his presidency - this is why the rush, rush, rush, and his cries of utmost urgency, and his rhetoric of complete destruction of our way as a republic. Agendas have a beginning date and completion date - he is already running behind in his so-called insurance reform for all of us. Do you see his recent reactions to his problems of this reform?

When in office for only four months, Obama stated with some arrogance that he, Obama, had accomplished more than any other president before him - he sure did; he spent more of the people's money in various questionable ventures, he will hand America the largest-to-be national debt in American history, and he simultaneously placed America closer and deeper into socialized government control than in the whole of American history!

Let's see: Obama's past and continuing companions and associations throughout his life have proven to be fanatic "anti-Americans." There's Acorn, the reverends Wright, Jackson, Sharpton, and remember Louis Farahahn, who blamed President George Bush for blowing up the levies of Ward 9 in New Orleans during the Katrina storm to get rid of Ward 9's predominately black people in residence there.

As for Obama's original agenda and script for his address to the school children, said script and agenda were amended. The original plan included Obama's having the children write to Obama, telling Obama what they could/would do for Obama - it was a script all about Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, clearly with a director who deemed himself a celebrity-actor on stage. This resulted in such an outrage from the American people in all levels of society that this infamous part of Obama's agenda and the script were suddenly omitted and further amended.

Jimmy Carter, the worst president America ever had according to many in Washington and throughout America, would do or say anything to assist his socialistic cause, proven by a TV photo of him in the Middle East approximately a year ago embracing the leaders of Hezbollah who were responsible for the deaths of more than a 200 U.S. Marine peacekeeping force in Lebanon; he has also been shown with Hugo Chavez, stating that the elections in Venezuela were fair - what a joke!

There is a long-standing myth that Democrats are really for the "little man" and "people of color." The vast majority of Obama's Cabinet and czars are not true Democrats today. Research and learn what a true Democrat really stands for. It's not what they spew; it's what they really do.

Ray Cordell

Golden Valley


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