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Sun, Dec. 15

Letter: Wear a helmet for your loved ones

Some of you my know me from the Diet Center. I am writing this letter to say thank you! Thank you to all the people who helped me on the morning of Sept. 25.

I was not able to sleep that morning, so I decided to go ahead and get up. I think that I must have been excited because we had planned to go out of town. I knew that I wanted to ride for about two hours that morning. Since I had to go to work for a little while, I knew that I could not venture out too far, so I decided to keep my ride in town.

My ride was going along great, then someone sent me a text message. I did not want to stop at first to see who had sent the text because I am always riding against the clock. I decided to go ahead and stop to see what the text message was all about.

It was from someone that I was going to meet up with at work. I did not have to be in as early, so I thought I could ride longer.

By now my ride had been interrupted three times. I remember thinking what a strange ride, full of interruptions - that never happens. I turned onto Airway, went under the railroad tracks and started to climb up toward Diamond.

I remember turning onto Diamond, or at least I thought I had turned onto Diamond. That is when everything went haywire. I found out later that I had never turned off of Airway.

It really was like a dream. I was lying on the ground and there was a young woman leaning over me wearing sunglasses. I also remember a man wearing a red ball cap. He was telling me not to move.

It all seemed like a dream, then I remembered that I had been riding my bike. I did not even know where my bike was. I had fallen so hard that I broke my helmet and lost consciousness.

I had a concussion. I had a knot on my head above my left eye. I broke my nose and my right index finger. And I had lots of scrapes and bruises. I was so dazed and confused that I don't remember when the man and the women left or when the paramedics took over my care.

I do remember being put onto a backboard and put into an ambulance. Even though it sounds terrible when I describe what happened to me, I think I am very fortunate. My injuries could have been so much worse.

To this day, I do not know why I fell or how long I was unconscious. It scares me to think what could have happened if I had not been wearing my helmet.

I am writing this letter to say thank you to all of the people who kept me safe and took care of me. If you walked up to me today and said hello, I probably would not recognize you. I am sorry about that!

I am also pleading with all of you who ride bikes and motorcycles without helmets (I see lots of you) to please consider wearing one.

If you don't want to do it for yourselves, do it for the people who love you and would miss you if you were gone.

Thank you

Eunice Mesick


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