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Thu, April 25

Letter: Taxpayers pay twice for road work

Yesterday, they came. The heavy press and the tar, or was it oil? I don't know, but what they left behind was best called gravel - on a residential road that is more a raceway in my neighborhood. Well, the humor for the days I have off is watching the speed demons slide on it. When they come to the stop sign, they don't stop. They just slide right into the middle of the four-way. I am surprised there have been so few accidents out here anyway, but this rock multiplies it all.

I have two holes in my windshield and the smog light that was taken out by one or a couple of these rocks. Who do you contact? Who pays for the damage? Thanks for making my insurance rates go up! No one will take responsibility for it. The light alone costs more than $175 and that is without labor to put it on.

It is just like what happened to my previous car at work. A freak gust of wind blows a 75-pound wooden pallet onto my front end and windshield, shattering all, but the government property that it sat on at the time made it my responsibility to fix, because the government does not have insurance!

Déjà vu, anyone? Why can't the city put normal asphalt down instead of gravel? Oh yea, they are broke. But no! They have been doing this all along! This is what our tax dollars look like at work. Repairs for us, denial for them. Might as well find a hole to crawl into to cry your eyes out while you get that new windshield and those new fog lights replaced while your insurance rates rise as your hard-earned dollars that you pay taxes with to the state put you there.

Janet Stingley



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