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Tue, July 16

Letter; Opposition against Obama is racism

OK, I've changed my mind. Previously, I believed that the lies Republican politicians were fabricating about President Obama were to ensure the failure of the Obama administration so they could win back the White House and continue to appease the insurance companies. But, in addition to that, I now realize that their motive for trying to destroy the president is much more sinister.

Racism! There can be no other logical explanation as to why anyone would subject the president of the United States to "screening" his speech, or "question his motive" for welcoming children back to school, urging them to work hard and to stay in school, even though three former presidents have done the same. This was ludicrous, and it insulted not only the president but the intelligence of the American people.

For Republicans to urge parents to keep their children home from school when President Obama addressed them is furthering the promotion of racial divide. What is this teaching our children? They are the future leaders of our country, but they cannot listen to their president speak? Do the children, who were forced by their parents to miss the first day back to school, know why they were not allowed to hear the president's speech, or will the kids just assume that it's because the president is black? This is like "Brown vs. Board of Education" all over again.

Republicans, in a devious sort of way, are making it quite clear that this country continues to be racially divided. They have managed to create mass hysteria among the people in this country who continue to dwell on their fear and hatred of all African-Americans. Republican politicians are among the most incompetent and ignorant of all racists! On the pretense that they disagree with every one of Obama's policies, they are able to mask their prejudiced hatred with fabricated lies about everything the president proposes, says or does.

Republicans cannot call President Obama that one ugly racist word that was used in the past without getting into major trouble, so they are doing the next best degrading thing by calling him Hitler, Nazi, Communist and Socialist. This is 2009, not the 1950s or '60s. Racism should not play a role in politics, nor in any aspect of our everyday lives. Like it or not, President Obama is our leader, and he should be respected as such.

Republicans are also saying that President Obama has not lived up to his campaign promise for change or to fix the economy. My God, he has been in office for only eight months. When Obama took office, the stock market was below 6,000. It is now up to almost 10,000 points. The housing market, banks and car manufacturers are all well on the road to recovery. And now he is striving for healthcare reform. In only eight months, he has mended that which took eight years to destroy. And even though there is much more work to be done, President Obama has brought this country back up onto its feet, despite the lies, name-calling, racism and opposition every step of the way, and I applaud him.

Lori Gabriel-Dane,



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