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Fri, April 26

Letter: Everything we know runs in cycles

I'm convinced that global warming is a hoax perpetrated on the country by "global warming zealots" who will profit from it. They believe we are in that warming situation and that it will get worse. Why else would they try to get the whole country to go along?

We could very well be in a warming "cycle." Would anyone say that cycles do not occur? In the northern hemisphere, most earthquakes occur during the time there are the most sunspots. Most sunspots occur roughly every 11 months. The tides cycle in and out roughly once a day. That is why we make floating docks for our boats.

The seasons are a cycle. They don't always begin on a specific date. They occur roughly when their "cycle" begins. There is an established weather cycle of a period of cold/dry. Then a cycle of warm/wet will occur. Following that will be a warm/dry and then a cycle of cold/wet and will then repeat with the cold/dry cycle. There has been established a 100-year weather cycle with these characteristics.

I remember in the late 1940s, people thought the weather was getting colder. It didn't. It warmed into the early 1990s and now there has been a cooling, which Al Gore doesn't want to acknowledge. Of course, there are varying temperatures for different parts of the country and different parts of the world. Those cycles occur worldwide.

Look at a chart of any commodity and you can see the cycles of market prices. All humans have continuing cycles, down days and up days. Your heart has a cycle, increasing, decreasing depending on your activity. There is the cycle of birth that is not exactly nine months. Animals have their own cycles. A cycle of day and night. We have absolutely no control over the weather nor can we change anything about it. But the cycle will continue, you can be sure.

Global warming? Baloney!

Frank Wacaser



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