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Fri, Dec. 13

Letter: Ron Walker's hat trick

While trying to attend the BOS meeting on April 5, I was asked personally by Ron Walker to remove my baseball hat or leave!

Mr. Walker, I think I have earned that right to wear my baseball hat if I wish to! I spent a year in Vietnam fighting for this country and its freedoms. I watched men die six feet from me in the Tet offensive Jan. 1, 1968. I came back and worked for over 40 years paying my taxes, and I'm still paying taxes. I have not taken a free ride anywhere or from anybody! I have worked for every penny and everything that I have! I can walk into the county building with my hat on and pay my taxes or any other business that I have. As a matter of fact, I have even talked to Supervisor Watson with my hat on inside the building.

With that said, is it me, or the hat that intimidates you?

If you think that it shows disrespect toward you, it didn't before, but it will be a symbol from now on to wear my hat everywhere! You have not earned my respect, Mr. Walker. It is you that should be respecting the citizens of this country, not the other way around! And you wonder why there is a recall going on.

For as long as I have been in Kingman, a huge amount of county business has been conducted with hats on in the county buildings. If you don't believe me, check the tapes of all the P&Z meetings, with Chairman Hamlyn in shorts and always wearing a baseball hat.

Now you have lockers for guns; when are you going to have lockers for hats or anything else that intimidates you? What's next on your Not Proper Attire list? Boots, tennis shoes, T-shirts, shorts, tight pair of pants, a sexy dress, tattoos, wrong color hair? Where do you draw the line on this slippery slope? You should want public input, not be pushing residents away! With this edition of county government by Ron Walker, and the seemingly supportive BOS, it shows just how arrogant and out of touch this Mohave County government is!

I have noticed that the only time Mr. Walker will make demands of people is when he is in the county building with some armed guards nearby. Yesterday, I counted nine security personnel, most of them law enforcement! I wonder what the cost to the county was for that!

Mr. Walker, I doubt you get out in public very much, especially in Kingman, but if you ever do see me, and I get out a lot, I'm not hard to miss. I stand 6-foot 3-inches, 240 pounds, moustache, and slight beard, and yes, Mr. Walker, I will be wearing my hat. If you have a problem with that, please come up and say "Hi!"

Wayne Smith


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