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Sun, Dec. 15

Senate Bill 1108: Are we really safe?

"Gun" by Voidx

"Gun" by Voidx

The newly effective Senate Bill 1108, which allows Arizona citizens 21 years of age and older to carry a concealed weapon without a permit, recently went into effect. As Arizona is one of the many states which strongly favors the United States Constitution's right to bear arms, many Arizona citizens support this law. While regulations regarding those who are permitted to carry a concealed weapon are in place, the thought of random citizens carrying concealed weapons raises the concern about whether or not our families are really safe.

On Dec. 15, 1791, the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution granted Americans the right to bear arms. This allows Americans to keep and bear arms within the home and allows the use of firearms for self defense purposes. While Americans are granted this right, there are strict regulations for those permitted to posses a firearm and strict guidelines that must be met prior to purchasing a firearm.

Because the majority of Arizonans strongly support the Second Amendment, Senate Bill 1108 was quickly approved, allowing those permitted to own a firearm to carry it as a concealed weapon. Arizona became the third state permitting citizens to carry concealed weapons without a permit, and the first state allowing this to occur in urban environments. While many are supporting the law, the concern about the safety of our families remains.

Shortly after the new law went into effect, an Arizona news station showed a film clip with the law supporters carrying their concealed weapons at public parks and public recreational areas. Public parks and recreational areas are essentially used by families, many of the families include young children. It is general knowledge that children and firearms do not mix; therefore, why would it be permitted to allow people to carry firearms near children?

With the mannerism of today and the common courtesies of the past long forgotten, it is just a matter of time before an incident occurs involving the citizens who are carrying concealed weapons. Cases of road rage are likely to take a deadly turn as tempers flare. What would have been a simple argument stands a higher probability of instantly turning into a devastating event, as all too quickly one of the parties involved pulls a weapon.

On the other hand, carrying a concealed weapon may in fact be a life saving tool if a situation should arise where personal safety is in jeopardy. Crime throughout the state of Arizona occurs each and every day, and often the innocent victims of these crimes suffer the consequences from the irresponsible hands of others. Too often people are raped, murdered, and kidnapped due to the lack of ability to properly defend themselves. This is where the right to bear arms should come into play. Using a concealed weapon for self defense in instances such as these is considered acceptable. But, how do you ensure situations such as these are the only instances the concealed weapons will be utilized?

The concern remains, how safe are we? When you are standing next to someone at the gas station, will you glance over and wonder if they have a firearm? Next time you honk your horn at the person who cut you off, are you going to have to worry about whether or not they are going to pull out a firearm?

Safety needs to be the key issue when it comes to allowing citizens the right to carry a firearm without a permit. Safety, not only for the person possessing the weapon, but the safety of the innocent people surrounding those with concealed weapons.

What are your thoughts on this newly effective law? Do you feel safer knowing you are permitted to carry a firearm? Do you feel safer knowing others around you are carrying firearms? Let me hear your thoughts on the situation.

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