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Wed, April 24

Letters:'The Expendables' is a fine movie

If you have decided not to see "The Expendables" based on Padraic Rooney's review in Sunday's Miner, we suggest you reconsider. We saw the movie Aug. 16 at 12:20 p.m. There were at least 30 people there then. This was a Monday afternoon!

Rooney has apparently absorbed far too many cartoon-type, computer-generated special effects starting with the "Kill Bill" series. He stated that seeing a "team of Americans overthrowing a small nation had uncomfortable undertones." Gee, I guess he would rather see the people of that nation being killed by their leaders. Rooney also needs glasses, as he stated Stallone looked like his face was melting and "every gunshot wound looked like someone popping a balloon filled with gravy." He stated that back in the '80s, action films were simple. Really?

We don't remember them all that way. Mr. Rooney said this film was both a waste of talent and a waste of time. We beg to differ with him. If you like reality-based action films rather than a computerized cartoon film, then this is the film to see.

Paul and Sandee Samoska



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