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Tue, March 19

Letter: What's under our tree this year?

The cold air these days makes us think of Christmas not far away. What will we get from our government this year as a surprise? Last year, they gave us Obamacare that over 60 percent of Americans were against. What they didn't tell us at the time is that hidden in Obamacare is also Obama's Private Civilian Defense Force - for what? He first said this in Colorado Springs during his campaign that he wanted a civilian force larger than all our militaries combined. They swear only allegiance to the president, not the Constitution of the United States. Hmmm.

Let's see, this year the lame duck Congress is furiously working on passing the food safety bill, that will put the FDA in total control, under the watchful eye of the United Nations. The Senate passed it this week! I don't think we really want this! It means only big government-run farms, no longer small independent and organic farms, lots of regulations and taxes for those little people. More unemployment! More genetically-engineered food for us that's been proven to be a lot less healthy.

They also want to give us the Dream Act, citizenship for illegal immigrant college students. Oh, hidden in that bill those college students can get all their friends and relatives citizenship too. Plus, they all get money from the government. What part of "illegal" does this administration not understand?

They, the lame ducks, also want to give Obama a "kill switch" for the Internet. Oh yes, Homeland Security shut down dozens of web sites this past weekend. Of course, Obama has created a new "czar" of the Internet already. George Soros, Al Sharpton and Sen. Jay Rockefeller have cried out that they should shut down conservative radio and Fox News. Only the government should tell us what the "real news" is, right? Yeah! What about those Wikileaks? Somehow the trail leads back to Soros!

Also, the Department of Energy has decided that they have the authority - no congressional approval needed here - to make up new rules for appliances in your home. They want a "new smart grid" that will monitor every home in the U.S., and they can shut things down if they chose. Isn't that nice to know? Hey, you can't use that hairdryer now or turn the TV on or run the washing machine - they will decide for you! Did you know that those new light bulbs are making people sick?

Like last year, Pelosi and Reid will pressure the House and the Senate so that they can get "their Christmas wishes," but are they really yours? I hope you have a Merry Christmas! God help us!

Gisela Potokar



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