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Sun, Dec. 08

Staying in control over the holiday season

The holidays are here - so how do you plan on staying in control?

If you don't have a plan, try to think about it now. Good planning can help you prevent holiday weight gain. Just take a little time to sit and think about possible problems that might come up. For example, maybe you're expecting holiday treats as gifts, or planning on baking sweets or attending parties. Or, maybe you have relatives visiting that may comment on your weight-loss efforts.

Think about strategies for handling these situations. Maybe you can take candy gifts to work and share them with co-workers. Maybe you can revise recipes to use low-fat ingredients. You can also think about how you'll respond to relatives if they comment on your weight loss.

Whatever you plan on doing, consider writing your strategies in a journal. This will help make your plans more permanent - and you will have it to reflect upon after the holidays. That will help you determine what works for you, and what can work for you in future situations.

Plan to stay in control. Many people feel that it's OK to indulge a little during the holidays. This can be a problem if you allow yourself to overindulge at several holiday gatherings. Avoid telling yourself that you'll get back on track in the new year. Remind yourself that you can stay in control and not eat mindlessly. You can still be picky about what you choose to eat and keep things in moderation. You can also choose to pass on holiday treats that aren't your favorites.

If and when you do give in to a little temptation, don't be hard on yourself. Remember that you are in control of what happens next. You can choose to get right back on track and consume foods and portions appropriate for your weight loss. You can still enjoy the festive season and continue with weight loss progress!

If you think that a little treat here and there won't harm your weight-loss efforts, you might want to think again. Small appetizers and goodies can add up to a lot of calories. Beverages can also be high in calories.

The following are common holiday treats and the amount of calories that they provide: Half-cup eggnog: 70 calories; half-cup eggnog with rum: 270 calories; 5 ounces wine: 100 calories; 12 ounces light beer :150 calories; 1 regular candy cane: 110 calories; one 2½-inch sugar cookie: 65 calories; 1 slice of fruitcake: 140 calories; 5 crackers: 80 to 100 calories; one 1-inch cube hard cheese: 110 calories; 1 handful of mixed nuts: 170 calories.

Consider the extra calories you would consume if you select these items instead of fruits, vegetables and non-alcoholic beverages. Try to watch you portion sizes and select healthier choices.

Wise selections will help keep off holiday weight gain.

Call me at (928) 753-5066 or stop by Diet Center at 1848 Hope Ave. for more information.

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