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Sat, May 25

Letter An open letter to Sen. Jon Kyl

Senator Kyl, as a former supporter of yours, I would like to share my observations of your performance over the past few years, especially during the current session. First, you must feel good in being part of a Senate caucus that has blocked every initiative of our president. Does that mean he had absolutely no good programs, including many that were originally Republican ideas? Your position on leading the opposition to the ratification of the START treaty is astounding and most disappointing, especially, since former President George H.W. Bush and every Republican Secretary of State supports the ratification.

This week you spoke out against the leadership keeping the Senate in session up to Christmas. Your logic is almost laughable. Do you realize that millions of citizens, those fortunate enough to have jobs, will be working up to and on Christmas? There are also many millions of unemployed whose benefits you fought who would love to have a job that would require them to work the holiday. Obviously, your long tenure in Washington has made you a callous, out-of-touch politician.

Ronald Pies



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