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Thu, Jan. 23

Letter: Jesus is about love, understanding

In response to your response, Mr. Ritz, on Jan. 20 about my letter to President Obama, I gave my life over to Jesus Christ in 1962. I am an Evangelical Methodist Christian, sir. I'm not a deceived citizen. I appreciate your adding my name to your prayer list and I will add your name to my prayer list. Perhaps it is your being described in the King James Bible as an End Time deceiver! We all need uplifting in prayer for each other. God commands us to gather in His name and be prayerful for each other, even President Obama.

Your point of description of the haters praying to a "god" for the failure of our nation and the death of our president are indeed "not" Christian prayers. It was the point I made in the letter. So I ask you, sir, what god are they praying to? In order for any of us to get that answer, those that speak these hateful remarks are in plain view on Fox News. I myself have seen with my eyes and heard with my ears folks like Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Beck and any number of their guest commentators make these statements. Could it be these deceivers need to repent their sins and change their ways and accept Jesus Christ as Savior? Could it be these deceivers are the anti-Christ and Satan? I am also a 12-year naval enlisted man with a lifetime of 70 years to my country, my family and the Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights. I salute you, sir, as an enlisted man to a superior officer. But God commands me.

Mr. Ritz, I must disagree with your assessment of President Obama. It's folks like you who think you have an "inside" link to Christianity. Any that don't fall at the altar of George Bush and his transformation of this nation to a "Bring It On" cowboy notion, at war with the world, does not fit the Spirit of Christ as a lowly man, meaning Christ is a loving, forgiving, healing Son of God. Jesus Christ is the way, the light and the only way to achieve salvation, Mr. Ritz. You do not know what is in any man's heart - not mine and certainly not President Obama's. Your accusation that this president is transforming our nation to a secular, socialistic, fascist nation is pure speculation by the tea party wing of "We are right; you are wrong" Republicans.

You, sir, need to read the Bible from cover to cover, and trace the life of Jesus Christ. He heals, transforms, guides and promotes love and understanding. He does not love any political party. My choice is Jesus Christ fully, not bits and pieces to suit a disclaimer of another. Have you read where He has made us "all" in His image? We are "all" sinners and fall short of His grace? I'll pray for you, sir.

God answers prayer when we: 1) Help the hungry and afflicted (Isaiah 58:9,10); 2) Believe you will receive (Mark 11:22-24); 3) Forgive others (Mark 11: 25-26); 4) Pray in the name of Jesus (John 14:13-14); 5) Abide in Christ (John 15:7); 6) Pray in the Spirit (Ephesians 6:8); 7) Obey the Lord's commandments (1 John 2:2 and 5:14); 8) Ask according to His will (1 John 5:15); 9) Lack faith (Hebrews 11:6); and how about James 1:5?

Don Railey


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