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Sun, March 24


If you hold a man down long enough, cause him enough pain, tax him to the point of his child's hunger and steal the natural resources that supply his family life, FOR THE PROFIT OF A FEW; will he ultimately accept the corruption, cower to the violence and the aggressions against him? I speak of man as all of humanity. I speak of man as you and I.

A corrupt government has become the people's No. 1 enemy. It is not other cultures or the diversity of a people that threaten us as American citizens; it is the very people elected to represent us fairly, equally and transparently.

History has shown us that as governmental domination grows and as corrupt political leaders support the corporate rape of the earth at the expense of all humanity, man becomes angry. The corruption has becomes so arrogant as to force an uprising of the people and violence ultimately erupts. That violence is always aimed directly at the citizen.

We have political leaders that claim they are not corrupt but they understand that there is corruption in their midst. If a political leader knows of corruption and stays silent then they are part of the problem instead of a catalyst to a solution.

We have allowed our leaders to keep us apart by virtue of party preference, race and ethnicity. Successful tools, which divides us and diminish the power that we as a people can generate together to stop the silencing domination of these tyrants.

"We the people" are struggling to stay alive within this enslavement. Our political leaders have lost any understanding of who we are and what we stand for. As you speak out and are attacked by the very leaders that are supposed to represent you, be proud that you are rising up and that YOU ARE NOT AFRAID!

I know that confronting injustice is not easy. It is probably the hardest thing that Americans do current day. We are AMERICA, a nation of immigrants who fled the very injustices facing us today here on American soil. Never let the leaders who have betrayed a nation, a community's trust, take any of your rights away!

Corrupt leaders control us. The question is how much longer will we tolerate it?


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