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Mon, Jan. 27

I'm too sexy for the public

This guy had to search high and low for these really cool pajamas and slippers. He took a well-deserved break from shopping to have a smoke and drink.

This guy had to search high and low for these really cool pajamas and slippers. He took a well-deserved break from shopping to have a smoke and drink.

I don't know about you, but every time I decide to trek out to the local stores to make purchases, I am amazed how some people choose to dress.

Just picture what I have observed. I recently ventured out for groceries and was pushing a shopping cart down one of those crowded aisles at the local "super store." As I scanned the fully-stocked shelves for that ever-elusive item I've been waiting to go on sale, my eyes were uncontrollably drawn to a family heading toward me from the opposite direction.

As soon as I saw the family heading in my direction, I immediately said to myself, "My mom and dad would have never allowed me to dress like that and to venture out in public as these inappropriately dressed people are." Bigger than life in front of me was a 350 to 400 pound male wearing tight-shiny-spandex pants he had a hard time squeezing into, flip flops and a dirty "crop-top" shirt that only covered the top portion of his extremely large bulging belly. Walking directly to his side was a middle-aged woman that appeared to have just rolled out of bed and decided to wear all day the T-shirt that had "I'm too sexy" printed on the front of it, pajamas and fuzzy house slippers. Walking behind them was a couple of boys. While the boys walked, their hands were holding the belt loops of their baggy pants up instead of allowing them to fall down around their ankles and yes, their underwear was hanging out. I immediately wondered to myself if that family really thought they were the ultimate of fashion statements for Kingman.

I'm not saying that my pants have always fit, but if my pants were a little too large, it meant I hadn't grown into my brother's hand-me-downs. I'm going to tell right off that doesn't mean I came from a poverty-stricken family, but hand-me-downs were a fact of life. Just about every family of years past practiced the art of hand-me-downs. I bet that the average child of today probably doesn't even know what the term hand-me-downs mean. Nowadays, most kids would never be caught dead in someone's hand-me-downs or perfectly good clothing purchased at one of the local thrift stores. They would say it just isn't cool to wear used clothes that had previously belonged to someone else.

And since I'm talking about fashion trends of not only Kingman but just about anywhere you travel, I honestly don't care what type or style of underwear people wear, so I say, "Say no to crack, pull your pants up."

As my recent adventure continued, I turned the corner and headed into another aisle, I spotted a very young girl, probably only about 18 years old at the most, pushing her shopping cart down the aisle with a little baby in it and another youngster walking next to her. I thought, "babies are having babies." As she pasted me, I couldn't help but notice the pretty red rose tattooed on the upper portion of her right breast because she was wearing a skimpy little halter top.

I am not saying I'm against people heading down to the local tattoo parlor and acquiring body art. As a matter of fact, I have a small tattoo I had inked on my arm when I was only 17 years old and had just graduated from Marine Corps boot camp. It's been 46 years since that faithful night I had too much to drink and decided to get the tattoo. You can't read it now because it only looks like a faded blue line.

I actually enjoy checking out the tattoos of people; the ones I can see as they pass by me. But, it is a little disgusting when an 85-year-old woman blazes past me wearing a spaghetti-strap halter top and displaying her tattoo on her breast that once was a beautiful rose and now resembles a shriveled up tulip.

We may not be able to afford to wear Armani suits, Prada, Anika Brazil bathing suits, Gucci shoes or have a gold Rolex watch around our wrist, but there is no excuse for all of us not to wear clean and appropriately sized clothing out in public.

Remember what message you are sending to others by the way you dress, and if you allow your 12 and 13-year-old daughters to provocatively dress as if they are training for a career as "pole dancers," that will also reflect on you.

We've all heard Right Said Fred and their song "I'm Too Sexy,' but it doesn't apply to all of us and our choice of clothing.

Be proud of who you are and your family. Think twice about your apparel, what your children wear out in public and the message you're sending to others.

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