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Wed, Jan. 22

Letter: An open letter to President Obama

I am one of the millions of Americans who worked hard for you and voted for the change you envisioned for America, setting and charting a new course that would end the illegal wars and finally look inward to the needs of America and our countrymen, watching your inauguration, seeing thousands of fellow citizens with tears of joy and hearts filled with a pride that I had not seen nor felt in a generation, to witness that sea of citizens with tear-filled eyes, weathering the cold, seeing young and old, colors of every ethnicity in a melting pot of what makes this country so great.

It only seems like yesterday, but a year has passed, and the ugly reality of Washington politics has come to the surface. The tea party, fringed-wing of the Republicans have come full force and to the forefront of media coverage. Just as with the prior administration, they lead the sheep to slaughter with their mantra of hate and lies about everything that makes America the choice of those in the world seeking freedom and opportunity. The tea-partiers and the Republicans as a whole hate you, sir. They are trying to steal Christianity as their God-given quid quo pro on right and wrong. They walk on holy waters to their churches of hate and pray to their exclusive God for the failure of our nation and for the death of our president. They quote the few articles of the Constitution that fit their beliefs and ignore the rest. They seldom quote the Bill of Rights because it's too broad a document to fit their narrow minds. They fill the halls of Congress with a resounding "no" to policies like healthcare and veterans' care as death panels and unplugging granny from life. Their friends on the FOX network are an entertaining bunch to say the least, but too many of our citizens take their comedy as factual.

Tea-partiers march across the country with their signs depicting you as a dead, white-faced monkey with a Hitler moustache. They arm themselves and plaster their hateful bumper stickers on while wrapping themselves in the American flag. They despise and hate you, Mr. President.

You have allowed them to virtually destroy healthcare in the name of bi-partisanship. They still hate you, sir. You have given in to the Bush/Cheney war you promised to get us out of. How many thousands more of our young men and women, husbands, fathers, mothers and daughters have to die for Bush's lies? How many billions of taxpayer dollars will be spent on killing rather than on healing, education, rebuilding our nation, and putting families back to work? How many more will lose their homes and dreams of a future? A future you ran on and promised so many. The Republicans hate you no matter what you do, sir. You, your wife and beautiful daughters deserve a country that represents all of us. If you keep on compromising with those who hate you so much, you, sir, will undermine our country, our party, and you will be a one-term president.

I beg you - you have so much to offer. Our party holds the majority in both the House and Senate. Don't throw away all the hopes and dreams we as Democrats have worked so hard to achieve. A true and merciful God in on our side.

Don Railey,


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