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Wed, Dec. 11

Letter: State of the Union comic was offensive

I am writing in response to the prejudice and extremely offensive State of the Union comic printed in last Friday's Opinion section. The stereotypical depiction that mocks a very real racist system still based on white supremacy proves that we are far from being in a "post-racial society."

America was built upon and is still sustained from racism deeply embedded within all of our institutions, including our education and justice system. The cartoon clearly exhibits the ignorance that still exists among the privileged, dominant group who are unaware of their privileges. The fact that the "man's racist system" is still controlling the opportunities available for anyone other than the white majority should not be diminished or downplayed by a prejudiced cartoon.

The system greatly affects the educational opportunities for African Americans as well as for all other minority groups in the United States. They are still not afforded the same access to education. School facilities are not "up to par" in black communities, African American history is not being taught in most classrooms throughout the United States, and many are tracked to vocational/trade schools, rather than being influenced to pursue a college education. These reasons, among a list of many more, are prime examples of how African Americans are affected by the "man's racist system."

When the importance of education is not reinforced for many minorities, and black communities are being overlooked and forgotten about, a natural progression to crime is seen as one of the only ways to make a living by many people. When you're told that you have no history and that you are capable of nothing by the racist institutions that control our country, then many people begin to internalize those beliefs and fall back into a cycle of deviant behavior.

Simply stated, white-controlled, racist systems still in place in American society victimize minorities on a daily basis and are maintained by its ability to oppress. Let's remember that if everyone was afforded the same equal opportunities in our country, the power and privileges would be taken away from the white majority. We wouldn't want that, would we? Instead of pointing fingers at the result of a problem, we must look at the root cause of it.

The comic printed in your newspaper on New Year's Day proves that racism may be more subtle today but is very much prevalent in our society. Freedom of press in Kingman obviously means freedom to distribute prejudice, close-minded and primarily right-winged bull. This demonstrates the lack of thought or better judgment used before printing a stereotypical, racist, and highly offensive cartoon in your newspaper.

Katrice Grant,

Albuquerque, N.M.

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