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Sat, Jan. 25

Letter: Republicans will pay for their lies

Rush Limbaugh, the Republican's favorite mouthpiece, made the most laughable blunder of his entire career the other day. After being released from a hospital in Hawaii, he held a news conference and announced that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the healthcare system in the United States.

He praised the medical care he received in that hospital and gushed about the wonderful and efficient care he was given by the doctors and nurses to further prove his point that our healthcare system is not broken, nor does it need reform.

Over the past year, Limbaugh has repeatedly verbally attacked President Obama, accusing him of trying to turn our healthcare system into "socialized medicine." Yet here he was, standing before a microphone, praising the healthcare he received in Hawaii.

Obviously, Mr. Limbaugh wasn't aware of the fact that Hawaii is the only state in the United States that has socialized medicine. Mr. Limbaugh had publicly endorsed what he had been so vigorously and maliciously opposing! Way to go, Rush!

The flak the Republicans are dishing out against President Obama is just as laughable as Mr. Limbaugh's blunder. Do the Republicans honestly believe that the public cannot remember what this country had become under their leadership? Are they under the illusion that we can forgive and forget that they delved this country into the worst recession since the Great Depression? Do they believe we cannot hear them say "No" to everything that would set this country back up on its feet?

When Chris Matthews of MSNBC asked Ron Christie, assistant to former Vice President Dick Cheney, to name one thing that the Republicans had done in the eight years of the Bush/Cheney administration to help the American people, Mr. Christie was speechless. He could not name even one thing! (He had a Sarah Palin moment!)

Dick Cheney and his daughter, as well as many other Republicans, should be charged with treason for what they are saying about our president. Cheney, of all people, is the worst of the worst! His treasonous words against President Obama must sound like sweet music to the ears of terrorists. Does Cheney hate Obama so much that he would deliberately embolden the terrorists by saying that Obama is weak on terrorism? Is Cheney hoping there will be another terrorist attack? That's what it sounds like. President Obama has done more to fight terrorism than Bush and Cheney ever did. And criticizing Obama for taking 72 hours to respond to the Christmas day would-be bomber, when it took Bush six days to respond to the shoe bomber, is so hypocritical, and so typical of the Republican Party.

The American people will not soon forget what the Republicans have done to bring this country to its knees, nor their lame attempt to destroy President Obama. So go ahead and spread your vicious lies ... come November, we'll see if your deliberate deceitfulness will win you back as many seats as you think your lies will offer!

Lori Gabriel-Dane,


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