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Sat, Dec. 14

Letter: Soon, America will be unrecognizable

In response to your letter of Jan. 6, Mr. Railey, after reading your open letter to the president, I have added you to my prayer list of deceived citizens. The King James Bible describes why many Christians will be deceived in the End Times.

Your description of the haters praying to a god for the failure of the nation and death of the president are not Christian prayers. Which god are they praying to, Don? In this fallen world, all the nations will sooner or later come under the control of one-world government, currency and religion. Only if this country repents its sins, promises to change its ways and accepts Jesus Christ as its savior, can its citizens be saved. In the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the Bible depicts what happens to this fallen world ruled by the anti-Christ and Satan.

I'm a retired naval officer with more than 26 years of protecting this country and its beloved Constitution. I've spent most of my adult life fighting secularism, socialism and communism. I experienced first-hand what these ideologies can do to people and their countries.

Mr. Railey, President Obama is transforming this nation into a secular, socialistic and probably fascist nation. In another year, this progressive Democrat administration and Congress will dismantle capitalism and real Americans will no longer recognize the United States of America.

Lastly, you stated, "A true and merciful God is on our side." Again, which god would that be, Don? Read John 3:15-18 for comfort and salvation. In there, you can see, the Christian God of the Bible does not pick candidates or political parties. His choice is Jesus Christ, His Son.

Robert Ritz,


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