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Mon, June 24

It's drying time again
A week of cold, wet, windy weather is finally over

Rain wasn't the only thing falling in Kingman Thursday. Substantial snowfall hit the Hualapai Mountains area.

DAVE KINSEY/Courtesy<BR><BR> Rain wasn't the only thing falling in Kingman Thursday. Substantial snowfall hit the Hualapai Mountains area.

KINGMAN - Though she declined to give her name, a woman in the Safeway South parking lot probably spoke for a lot of people Friday afternoon as she hustled through the rain and wind toward her car.

Her two-word assessment of recent weather: "It sucks."

But it looks like the worst is behind us. While temperatures are forecast to remain below the normal high of 53 in the coming days, the chances of rain/sleet/hail/snow, however slight, don't return until Tuesday. High winds are not in the forecast.

Scouting for damage

Inspectors from Mohave County Public Works Engineering and Flood Control departments were out scouting for damage Friday morning after three severe storms ravaged the county last week.

The most severe storm hit the county Thursday evening and continued through early Saturday. The County Public Works and Development Services departments opened a joint operations center at 1 p.m. Thursday to monitor the storm's progress, coordinate personnel and provide support to those out in the field.

Preparations were made with the American Red Cross and the Kingman Unified School District to set up an emergency shelter in case people needed to be evacuated, which proved to be unnecessary.

"It was not as bad as we expected," said County Emergency Management Coordinator Byron Steward. "We were expecting it to last through 11 p.m. or midnight (Thursday), but the storm moved much faster than that. It had mostly cleared the area by 8:45 p.m."

The county received several reports of flooding and storm damage throughout the night in Kingman, Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley, Golden Shores, Oatman and Wikieup. Residents and business owners with flood or wind damage should report it to the County Emergency Management Department at (928) 757-0930.

The storm dumped a lot of rain. The county's Wagon Bow rain gauge near Wikieup recorded more than 8 inches. Gauges in the Hualapai Mountains recorded nearly 5 inches. A gauge at Pinion Pines recorded more than 4 inches, and a gauge at Cedar Hills recorded nearly 5.5 inches. The Cherum Peak gauge in Golden Valley recorded more than 5 inches.

A number of roads were closed as storm waters washed over them including Diamond Bar, Anatares, Greggs Hideout and Banegas Crossing. Oatman Highway, County Route 1 and Interstate 40 at the intersection of U.S. 93 were also closed. All roads without bridges that crossed the Devlin Wash and Diagonal Wash near Kingman were closed as well.

County road crews helped to free several motorists who became stranded on County Route 1 Thursday afternoon.

The county also closed Bank Street in Kingman Thursday afternoon. Crews reopened it briefly to let school buses, students, teachers and parents leave the building, Steward said. Once everyone was out of the building, the road was closed again and remained closed until about 10:45 p.m., he said.

"The road crews did a good job getting things cleared up and cleaned up," Steward said.

Anatares, Hackberry, Oatman Highway and County Route 1 were still closed Friday morning.

All roads crossing the Big Sandy River were closed as well.

Gauges at the Big Sandy River recorded record water flows. The county's gauge near U.S. 93 recorded a peak flow at 3:43 a.m. of 7.33 feet. A United States Geological Survey gauge farther downstream recorded a flow of 17.9 feet. According to the Colorado Basin River Center, this is approximately 2 feet above flood stage.

A number of the roads that cross the river and some of the washes that feed into it were completely washed away.

"We were expecting that," Steward said. The National Weather Service warned the county about record water levels in the river.

Power outages were reported late Thursday afternoon in Kingman, Pine Lake and several areas in the Hualapai Mountains. The power was restored to most customers by 11 p.m.

The rain gauge

Rainfall totals from 6 a.m. Jan. 17 through 9 a.m. Friday.

Kingman Area

Hualapai Mountain, 5.87 inches

Mohave Wash at Airway Avenue, 3.07 inches

Holy Moses Wash, 2.72 inches

Hayden Peak, 0.59 inches

Kingman, 3.00 inches

Devlin Wash, 2.80 inches

Diagonal Wash, 2.95 inches

Hualapai Foothills, 3.43 inches

Pinion Pines, 7.56 inches

Bull Mountain, 2.87 inches

County Road 20 at MP 10, 2.76 inches

Lazy Y U, 3.46 inches

Coyote Pass, 2.76 inches

Frees Wash at I-40, 3.27 inches

Cedar Hills, 10.08 inches

Big Sandy River at I-40, 3.27 inches

Vock Canyon, 3.98 inches

Rancho Santa Fe, 3.31 inches

Bullhead City Area

Bullhead City, 2.81 inches Mohave Valley, 2.40 inches

Golden Shores, 3.50 inches

Ft. Mojave, 2.83 inches

Lake Havasu City Area

Lake Havasu City, 2.36 inches

Havasu Heights, 2.76 inches

Crystal Beach, 2.48 inches

Dolan Springs Area

Detrital Wash at Highway 9, 2.80 inches

Dolan Springs, 2.56 inches

Archibald Wash, 2.20 inches

Mt. Tipton, 2.05 inches

White Hills, 2.56 inches

Golden Valley Area

Cherum Peak, 7.17 inches

Upper Sacramento, 2.64 inches

Santa Claus, 2.83 inches

Lower Sacramento Wash, 3.46 inches

Cave Spring, 3.27 inches

Highway 68 at Verde Road, 3.58 inches

Ed's Camp, 4.06 inches

Union Pass, 3.23 inches

Thirteen-mile Wash, 2.92 inches

Golden Valley, 2.91 inches

North Golden Valley, 3.19 inches

Mud Spring, 2.91 inches

Willow Spring, 3.94 inches

Mineral Park, 3.90 inches

Sacramento Valley, 3.27 inches

Mackenzie Wash, 3.07 inches

Meadview Area

Lake Mead City, 1.81 inches

Meadview, 2.17 inches

Grapevine Mesa, 2.28 inches

Iron Spring, 7.83 inches

Barks Canyon, 12.24 inches

Grand Canyon West, 4.84 inches

Truxton-Hackberry Area

Truxton Wash at Route 66, 2.56 inches

Crozier Canyon, 2.48 inches

Antares, 2.17 inches

Valle Vista, 1.89 inches


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