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Wed, Oct. 16

Letter: Sheahan is still sheriff for a reason

I had a talk with Luca Zanna the morning of June 30 and we briefly discussed why he was apparently endorsing a young man to become the next sheriff of Mohave County.

I have attended several meetings that Zanna presided over, and he is definitely highly motivated to become involved in local activities (politics). There is no way local activities (with few exceptions) can divorce itself from politics. The two are mingled together and that is a fact.

It appears to me that Zanna has run into a young man who aspires to become the next sheriff of Mohave County.

Please consider the following:

Tom Sheahan has survived the sheriff's job for many, many years. When the people (the power) elect a sheriff to enforce the laws of the land, they (the people) transfer their power to the sheriff. As long as that power is not abused, the sheriff has unlimited power to enforce the laws of the land.

I really believe that Zanna wants to see his candidate become the next sheriff because of the "new blood" theory. Zanna yearns for "change," but he won't see it happen with Sheahan voted out of office. There just is no way anyone is going to defeat Sheahan. He is a legend in Mohave County. He has earned the respect and loyalty of the people.

As long as the sheriff enforces the laws of the land, I could care less what he does during his off time.

It should be understood that a public figure (elected or appointed) is entitled to some off time, that time set aside for the person to relax, kick back and do what you want to do, as long as it is lawful.

If the good sheriff cares to endorse a person who is running for public office, does such an event disqualify the man from his job of law enforcement? I don't think so.

I know Zanna is a highly motivated young man and his intentions are honorable. He has the advice and backing of his fantastic wife and a small group of other people. He, and they, will change Mohave County, but it will take years for the changes to be in place.

Meanwhile, we need to keep our very efficient and effective sheriff for four more years. He truly deserves such an honor as he has been re-elected more times (by the people) than any other sheriff in history. There must be a good reason to keep electing him.

Mac McCarty


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