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Fri, March 22

Letter: A cycle of fear in Mohave County

This last week I ran into some old-timers at a local store who seemed very dismayed at the fuss over the city and county political process. Well ... as I and many others have seen in the last five years, this area of Arizona seems a little void of common sense political leadership. The idea the city of Kingman and Mohave County are located on some remote island in this state is a real problem. As most of the readers now know, my family has been in this country since 1732, so I have some right to speak up to defend our real system of government.

It appears some of our current local political leaders at the city and county level seem to have been deprived of a proper education on the Constitution of the United States and the Arizona State Constitution.

Our political structure was created by the founding fathers to get away from the tyranny of a monarch-style government. To read the writings of County Manager Ron Walker and witness the conduct of some Kingman leadership staff has enlighten me to the fact that rural Northwest Arizona seems to be under some sort of territorial monarchy.

The public must understand if we do not vote out the key political leaders who want to keep this area locked into the 1840s style of community control, we are sinking ourselves into an cycle of fear that supports tyranny. Are the public servants in fact acting like little monarchs? And do they act in their own special interests? The answers are very discomforting. My point about the island idea is that I was at meetings in Scottsdale, Tempe, Flagstaff and Tucson and everyone who heard I was from this area asked me if you need to have a gun on your side to live here? They all seemed very aware of the political issues and could not figure out why anyone would live here. I told them it's a beautiful area and change is happening.

The concern I have is the lack of voters who vote and the failure of the community to understand the value of jury participation. Business will not prosper and come to the area if others in our state see this area as overwhelmed with political corruption. We must vote for change if we want jobs in this area and if we want our kids to do better than we did. Our problems are easily fixed but we have to vote and get involved! We need to get true representative government back in this area and back to the U.S. Congress as well. I heard Sen. Lieberman's comments about stripping a person of citizenship rights if they are simply accused of being involved in terrorism. That's a true problem in our Constitutional form of government. What happened to the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government? The judicial branch is a key to our republic but fear has made its ugly appearance in our government and that leads to the piecemeal destruction of our Constitution.

I cannot allow that, so I am voting and speaking out!

Dean Wolslagel



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