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Mon, May 20

The Blue Folder that Changed my Life

Friday, June 4, I thought was like any other day. When I got to work before I even turned on my computer, I touched base with a few people on projects I needed completed by the end of the day. I had a lot I needed to get done by 5 p.m. I was working on re-launching Marriott and Choice Hotels and then beginning a new launch for Reader's Digest. I was also in the midst of launching two new employee benefit providers. Needless to say, my days always consisted of working on at least five different clients a day.

Then my boss asked me to follow him to a conference room. He walked way in front of me, and as I walked in, I really didn't know why I was there. I can't even tell you what was said in the order it was said. It was a blur, a shocking, totally life-changing moment! I was being let go! Let go due to organizational restructuring. I was taken aback, and one of the first things I do remember asking was, "Am I being fired?" "No, this is not based on performance." Darn right it's not, I'm one of the hardest workers I know and I have email to prove it (my clients always appreciated my hard work and told me so). So the woman started talking and reiterated to me that I probably won't remember what she said. Nope, I don't remember any of what she said. I did get this blue folder as a going away present, read this and sign that.

So last week I did not put the traditional effort into looking for a job and let me tell you why. Not only was I working full time but I was also taking a summer school econ class. That's right I'm trying to learn new things. I am in pursuit of my MBA and was advised to take a few courses that will prepare me, such as microeconomics, accounting and business statistics. This is Plan B, because I will be applying for the evening program so that I can still work during the day. So for the past week I have actually been studying because I have a midterm tomorrow. I'm getting a good grade so that's what matters right now.

Last week, my first full week without a job, one of the first things I did do was contact a couple of my clients and let them know I was no longer with the company. They were as shocked as I was and grateful to serve as references. A couple of them had local contacts and passed along my resume. This was Monday, June 7. On Tuesday I studied, on Wednesday I studied and took my tests for the week. Thursday I attended a women's networking event where my friend was an honored speaker. It was neat to be in the same room as the editor of the Business Journal and other very successful women! On Friday I stopped by the company to turn in my paperwork, had lunch with another friend who was let go and in the evening attended Ignite Phoenix at the Phoenix Art Museum. It felt great to get out and meet new people.

This is the key I found to a successful job search: Don't just sit in front of your computer.

Ok, so now I'm in the present, it's Monday, June 14, and the one job that I found that I want to apply for is having website technical difficulties. So I call them and the receptionist tells me she is experiencing the same thing and told me she will let IT know and said I should check the website later.

So because I have a midterm tomorrow I will study the rest of the day and check that site and reapply. Also, I forgot to mention that while working and working on Plan B, pursuing the MBA I also have a Plan C. Over the past six months I collaborated with an iPhone developer. I had this vision of a local business directory across the U.S. that highlighted the best restaurants, boutiques, happy hours, etc. IT IS different than Yelp because it's ONLY Local businesses AND it's the best ones. I hand picked each one for you! So the App was officially approved by Apple on June 3! What an ironic week that was, the best and the worst. Join my Facebook page New City Secrets and buy the app here . Support your local businesses and me of course!


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