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Wed, April 24

Letter: Greed caused the oil spill

Looking at national TV yesterday and seeing the oil gushing from that broken oil pipe flange, I began to wonder what is really going on here?

The new HD video feed shows an intact bolted flange assembly on the pipe! That was very alarming as most of us who understand even a little about pipe repair know that is a repairable connection; they do this type of repair on land all the time. They bolt on a new flange using the old bolt holes and add a new valve or whatever they need and get it under control. In water department waterline repairs, we have rubber and stainless repair devices that are made for connecting to even unflanged pipes that are broken.

I suspect the British are now simply trying to use this spill as a way to get oil prices to go up so they can recoup the losses on the spill faster. As far as caring for the environment ... BP didn't care enough to submit a spill mitigation plan that had anything to do with the gulf environment, according to CNN. The foreign oil interests (OPEC) are now looking at this spill as a huge cash windfall as they see oil prices increasing, and a slowdown on Western oil drilling will just make them more money so they will get even more control of the world economy.

This was all created by poor government oversight. If you let greed oversee greed, you get disaster!

Dean Wolslagel



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