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Fri, April 26

Letter: It's BP's mess to clean up

I was appalled to hear Congressman Joe Barton's apology to BP! I was equally appalled at Sen. John Cornyn saying she shares Barton's sentiments. Rep. Michelle Bachman called the escrow fund "fleecing" BP, and the The Republican Study committee calls it a "shakedown." Wow!

BP has lied all the way along, is responsible for the deaths of 11 people and the worst oil spill of all time. The above-mentioned politicians do not care that the people in the Gulf states are losing money each day because of the oil spill. It was de-regulating big oil companies that have contributed to this disaster. Land, animals and human lives are in devastation due to the arrogance of BP.

President Obama made a great move to establish the escrow fund to ensure that BP pays for it, as it is BP's responsibility to do it! Shame on anyone who can stand the positions of the above politicians!

Shame, shame!

Lynn Crane



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