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Mon, Dec. 09

Letter: To all neo-liberals and neo-conservatives

I am tired; tired of patting your hand when you're scared of the boogyman; tired of covering my firearm with my coat to help you pretend you are not surrounded by guns in Arizona.

Perhaps you should try this simple technique that will actually be much more effective than my coat is. Cover your eyes with your hands. This way you cannot see our firearms, and we cannot see you, right? You can pretend to your heart's content that there aren't any guns here. You can feel safe that way. It worked for you as a child, perhaps it still will.

If covering your eyes does not make you feel safer, maybe you could run down and hide at the Mohave County Administrative campus. It is a gun-free zone. Oh wait, Lord Walker and his minions, the BOS, said you cannot come there unless you are on official business. Darn. Perhaps you could move to Washington, D.C.! Nope, the Supreme Court overthrew their handgun ban. Or how about your nearest national park? Sorry, Obama signed a law permitting carrying of firearms there too. Maybe you could all move back to California? Oh, that's right, there is a rapidly growing movement of lawful open-carry there too.

It just seems lately that your government has really been slacking off in their requirement to protect you from cradle to grave. But here is the really scary news, according to the Arizona DPS Web site, they have issued more than 152,000 concealed weapon permits, and more than 8,500 in Mohave County alone. That is one heck of a lot of scary guns lurking out there! And it is just going to get harder for you because it keeps being proven over and over that law-abiding citizens carrying firearms reduce crime every time. (Another inconvenient truth, Al Gore.)

Randy "Two-gun" Cone

Golden Valley

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