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Tue, Oct. 15

Letter: Stand up and support Zanna

I have written you before - twice - and I wish you would print my letter. You won't simply because I am from Pittsburgh, thousands of miles from Mohave County. And, I am an 80-year-old conservative woman who lives quietly. I am not a protester nor am I "riff raff." I am so far away, and yet, I have heard of the problems in Mohave County and so I looked it up and found the entire story - from the day in November when Luca Zanna tried to speak to Sen. John McCain against all odds, to the present day. I read everything about this case. And, I saw the facts, not just what people said. I watched the videos of the meetings where they refused to let Mr. Zanna speak. I watched Sockwell on TV, and this is what happened. It is so simple. I watched a tape of the meeting where he told Mr. Zanna he could not speak unless he was on the agenda. But, he did not put Mr. Zanna on the agenda. He told him to go elsewhere for answers. I heard him.

Zanna tried to pass out McCain's voting record at the town hall meeting, which is perfectly legal. They asked him to leave. He asked what law they had to make him leave (although he left quietly and politely) and proceeded through the next months and months to get some answers from either Supervisor Tom Sockwell, County Manager Ron Walker, Supervisor Watson ... someone as to what right they had to make him stop passing out McCain's voting record. What law did they have? He wanted answers from anyone. They ignored him. They vilified him in the newspapers. They suggested that he was like Timothy McVeigh. They implied he was dangerous because he wears a gun, as most of the people in Arizona do. They referred to him as "that Italian" and compared him to a "fringe lunatic" group. They lied about him by saying he was passing out literature. It was not literature against McCain. It was his voting record.

You should stand up against the suppression of freedom of speech. It is up to you, the citizens of Mohave County, to fight this. It is all up to you. God bless people like Luca Zanna who have the courage to stand against such blatant lawlessness.

Patricia Moran


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