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Sun, Nov. 17

Is your attitude affecting your job?

Attitude is the single most important factor that has moved me ahead in my career and sometimes I forget that. Having a positive attitude makes people want to work with you, even just smiling can make a big impact. Do you want to work with a negative nag or a positive doer? Which one are you?

Recently I've noticed that I've changed, I used to be more positive and willing to take on any project no matter what. Today, I realize it's been ten years that I've been working in the corporate world. Don't I now deserve to pick and choose what I want to do? Sometimes it seems as though I am spending most of my time managing other people and doing their work for them. I need to constantly remind myself that when I have a negative attitude nothing ends up going my way and I keep getting overloaded with work I don't want to be doing or shouldn't be doing.

In the past few months I have made a conscious effort to change my attitude and now I see I have more time to work on projects I am supposed to do! It's like the universe reversed itself, all because I changed my attitude towards the work and especially towards others.

I have also come to realize that I might not like what I am working on but for some reason if I look back even just a few months I see a pattern. The work I hated doing then has prepared me for what I am working on today, it's so strange! Think about it to yourself, have work projects in your past prepared you for today?

Here are ten ways to change your attitude at work:

10. Smile, it makes others feel good and they usually smile back, they might be having a bad day and you just may have pepped them up.

9. Take your lunch break! Do not work through lunch - I try and write these blog posts or sometimes I go shopping, even if it is only to Target I get some errands out of the way.

8. Treat yourself to lunch out, invite someone in the office you want to know better, chat about what you do for fun - people are different outside of work.

7. Make breakfast (this is the hardest thing for me to do), when you eat you feel better and are less grumpy.

6. Take a class after work - put something on your personal schedule that you can look forward to. I started taking belly dance and pilates classes. Also when you use other parts of your brain you grow!

5. Get your desk organized, go through old files and toss what you don't need, make time to do this!

4. Don't let email control your day. Only check your email at two or three times throughout the day and focus on your projects one at a time. They say people get less work done when they multi-task.

3. Talk to your boss - ask for more challenging projects or volunteer to help someone with a project you are interested in working on.

2. Laugh - I don't care if you have to buy a joke book or read just do something that makes you smile.

1. Tell yourself and remind yourself about all the great things that are going on in your life, your life doesn't begin and end with you working 8 - 5, you are a different person outside of work and you have to remind yourself of that everyday.

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