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Sun, Oct. 20

Letters:Let them boycott us

Regarding Mr. Borgard's column last Sunday, I know you're just trying to generate exposure for the Miner, but playing both sides only works on people with zero memory of your previous columns.

You say that you realize illegal immigration is a problem but that discerning whether a suspect already contacted for a separate offense is in the country illegally is somehow wrong. Not because it is illegal to be in the country illegally but because we might offend the people in the ACLU (and elsewhere) who do not want immigration laws enforced at all. Why is being in the country illegally seen as such a minor offense? Perhaps because no one wants to enforce the law for fear of offending someone.

Our existing lax attitude about illegal immigration is what has caused the situation! A boycott by the illegals themselves is what I'd really like to see. As for the moonbats from California - if they want to boycott, let them! Why should Arizona be cowed or threatened into allowing illegals to run amok here? The only reason they started coming to Arizona was because Operation Gatekeeper in California drove them here. They can open up their border if they're so mad about it.

Oh, and regarding "scaring visitors" with our new no-permit concealed carry, I must remind you that many people will now choose Arizona precisely because they can now possess the means to defend themselves without government permission (and a fee, of course). Funny how government sells you back your freedoms, yet when government respects them without a fee, tax, or permission slip, people get inflamed.

When you worry about the "rights" of those here illegally yet poo-poo the genuine and very real rights of citizens, I would suggest you have misplaced priorities. This nation's very sovereignty is determined by our ability to maintain a real border.

Ray Handy


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