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Mon, April 22

Letter: Kudos to Gov. Brewer, Arizona

It is refreshing to read letters from American citizens writing in support of our state's new law regarding the insidious invasion of our country that has been going on for decades. It gives me hope that at least one state's governor has the courage to address an issue that affects the very sovereignty of the United States of America, and to make meaningful change.

Anyone who claims this issue is about "racism" or "bigotry" is either a misguided person or a fool. It is about protecting American citizens. I hate to break it to these people, but we are not "all immigrant." The large majority of us are actually American "natives" who were born here, and our ancestors were born here as well. As "natives," we deserve to be protected from the literal hordes of criminal drug runners, people smugglers and potential terrorists who flow over our southern border like a living river, leaving behind tons of filthy trash wherever they go, invading citizens' homes, intimidating and now murdering our fellow citizens.

The founders of this once great nation would roll over in their graves if they knew that people in this country were calling our governor's actions "unconstitutional." Au contraire, Gov. Jan Brewer is the only state leader in this entire country abiding by our constitution's mandate that one of the main jobs of our government is to protect its citizens.

As for our state's politicians, the Democrats' phony outrage speaks for itself. As one of the co-conspirators, along with Lindsey Graham, in the last push for amnesty for millions of illegals, John McCain must really think Arizonans are forgetful, and frankly, stupid to believe what spews out of his mouth, now that he is up for re-election. It's way past time to retire this man back to Sedona! McCain is the epitome of hypocrisy and arrogance, and reminds me a lot of Nevada's resident genius, Harry Reid!

On the other hand, J.D. Hayworth has been trying to pound sense into the Washington elites about the dangers of illegal immigration for a long, long time. He is a true conservative patriot, who, I think, will fight for Arizonans' rights, for fiscal reform, and for our nation's security. He will have my family's votes.

Jan E. Freeman

Golden Valley


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