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Mon, Oct. 21

Letter: Freedom is not free

We are not only glad but also happy to see in writing, hear on the radio, and see on TV, the many real, patriotic and dedicated Americans standing up and behind our real American Arizona governor!

No illegal immigrant from another country is welcome here in the U.S.A.! Many of the legal immigrants took positive action, even before they entered our country, by learning our American English language, or at least getting a head start at it. Many others entered our military service, willing to fight and die for their new country freedoms.

They, together with those who are willing and do pay their fair share of taxes, pay their hospital bills and accept responsibility for their families' actions, are more welcome here than those who whimper, cry, shout "racist," rape, and murder our law enforcement that are there for our protection.

Don't tell us how to run our United States of America! You illegals - criminals, because you snuck over here without an invitation, haven't earned any rights here! Earn the rights or stay "out!" Earn the rights and you'll probably be more welcome - and you can be proud of doing something positive for your new country, as well as for yourself and your family! The solution is simple logic. Come here legally and responsibly or don't come at all. We salute and respect Gov. Brewer - she's a winner!

This is not a racial issue. It's a legal issue. The boycott against our great state of Arizona is absolutely wrong! Many people and states are beginning to turn the boycott into a buycott. Many will follow. Get your head out of the sand!

Freedom is absolutely not free! Earn it! Conform to our laws and country! Don't come here to reform. Learn ours first! Thank you!

Jerry and Margaret Wolleat


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