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Thu, April 25

Column: No analysis necessary

The Nov. 2 election returns resulted in a whole lot of analysis when none was necessary.

Pundits said that the midterm results were normal when they weren't, and that Republicans need to cooperate with Democrats to remain in the voters' good graces. They don't.

The funniest "analysis" laid the blame for the Republican landslide on Fox News, a favorite whipping boy for liberals. A quick Google search for Fox News ratings, though, indicates that none of the programs garners more than 5 million viewers.

That might be a powerful number in California or New York, but it hardly makes the "Fair and Balanced" crew a national powerhouse.

The least surprising analysis came from Mr. Overexposed himself, Barack Obama. The president blamed himself for not making his agenda clear enough despite seemingly daily television exposure, while also explaining that Americans are "hard-wired to be afraid" when things aren't going like we want them to.

In other words, the president thinks we're a bunch of stupid cowards. It was kind of refreshing, though, that he didn't feel the need to go on an overseas apology tour to make the announcement.

No matter.

The Democrats' agenda since January 2009 has proven so unpopular with the ignorant scaredy-cats among us that the U.S. House is firmly Republican, and in Arizona every constitutional office from governor on down to was swept by the GOP, which also strengthened its hold on both houses of the Legislature. Similar results came in from around the country.

And here are the obvious reasons why:

• Spending and more spending, including a stimulus that didn't work and word from Obama that there really aren't any "shovel-ready" jobs, at least when it comes to government. He made that airy admission that he blew a trillion of our dollars a couple of weeks before the election.

• Incredibly tone deaf "shout-outs" to fellow political hacks when the nation was expecting to be comforted by the commander in chief following the massacre of over a dozen Americans on a U.S. Army base.

• An unnecessary and expensive bailout of GM (got to look out for the union boys, eh Mr. President?) when the bankruptcy courts would have worked just fine and not cost you or me a dime.

• Finance reform that did not include Fannie and Freddie, two key components in the housing meltdown.

• Constant bad-mouthing of business and "fat cats," though I can assure you Obama toned down the fat cat talk at $30,000-a-plate dinners.

• The winner, though, is healthcare "reform." No telling how it's going where you work, but premiums are rising all over the place, and a lot of businesses are quietly getting waivers from the government. My company escaped unscathed in terms of employees having to pay some of their own insurance for the very first time, but it did come at a big price for the overall bottom line.

I suspect Western News&Info, Inc. won't be rushing out to hire more employees if the economy ever turns around simply because of the costs healthcare reform has put on the company now and how much it will add to the cost of having additional reporters, ad reps, graphics experts and pressmen in the future.

Republicans, give us gridlock and lots of it.

It may be our only hope.


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